I’m Still Here – Elsewhere

Hello readers, writers, artists, creators, travelers, friends: for those who may stumble across this blog and would like to see what I’m up to now, you can find more of my work (and current work) here. I no longer post to this blog.

This blog happened for a very specific purpose which I enjoyed and which apparently ran its course in just under two years. It was my first ever blog and my first ever public writing project (at least, the first one that I actually, entirely followed through on). I wanted to share the journey of studying visual art for the time I did, a longstanding dream of mine come true. And I wanted to practice a more open, accessible form of prose that I’d never before undertaken. All a big leap for me at the time – it was a new and exciting direction. The voice developed for this project is one that returns to me each time I write a new piece here. But not so much in other places. Or not yet anyway.

I don’t think it’s an accident that this blog was finished just after I finally freed and sent off the magic green desk to its next destination. I’m sure the desk will bring inspiration and imagination wherever it goes and I’m sure that the right person took it, the exact perfect person who desired and needed that gem. Freely given to anyone who wanted to collect it off the sidewalk – just as I’d received it. And it didn’t take long to disappear. The magic green desk had an aura that made people notice it right away. Beyond its “shabby chic” facade, it emanated an otherworldly and dreamy presence too.

I don’t think it’s an accident either, that this project found the end of its own road in the same month that I officially began the shift into my new career as a videographer – training and certificate, assembling my kit, taking my last pictures of the restaurant all closed up at 2:30 am with all the upside-down chairs lifted atop the tables, boxing up my waitress uniform forever. The timing was perfect. I didn’t need this blog anymore.

But it took me four years to fully realize and embrace this change. I always wondered if, at some point, I’d pick it back up again, as I continued posting on my sister blog project. But I never returned here.

I’ve always referred to this project as the “sun blog” and my other project as the “moon blog”. The other blog, the moon blog, was started in 2018, a little over a year after this one (my first) in 2017. The moon blog could be darker at times and certainly denser, and I never expected anyone to really read or enjoy it much. I was surprised that the moon blog turned out to be better received. But that wasn’t why I stopped posting here. I intended to maintain both, but I just… kept going back there instead, and I stayed. I hope to see you there too.