Blind Contour Drawing

You turn your body at an angle so you can’t see your hand.  Look entirely at the object, not at the paper.  Feel or sense the line with your eyes and coordinate that with your hand as you draw.  Don’t take your eyes off the flower, the face, the shoe.

In the modified version, if you lose your place you can glance, but only to reposition the pencil.  While drawing your eyes are on the flower, the shoe, the person continuously.  The paper’s still a mystery.

Move your hand with your eyes.  They have to go together.  You may think you can’t see, but you’re seeing better.  Using your eyes to see, not your idea.  Don’t cheat, don’t look.  You’re seeing, not looking.  Seeing.


IMG_6396 flowers color adust



With a little color



IMG_6397 hands color adjust with contrast



I’d never heard of this technique before.  I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off, I’m not sure anyone did, but all it took was to try.  And a little practice.

Feel this line.  Use your eyes to feel.  Feeling’s always been one of the things I’ve excelled at, for better or worse.  Even in those more troubled times when it didn’t seem I was good for much else.  Even when it seemed feeling had no function, also.  I remember not to forget this.



IMG_6395 face 3 - 1 color adjust less contrast



If you could feel words to write expressively, then why wouldn’t you be able to feel a line too?  I’m not sure what it is about drawing simple lines that’s felt so intimidating before, although the few here and there noncommittal messy sketches had seemed okay.

It seemed to “improve” with each attempt, if you can call it that.  Here were the three attempts in order, completed one after another in the same session.




IMG_6399 face 1 color adjust




IMG_6394 face 2 second option color adjust some sharpness




IMG_6395 face 3 - 1 color adjust less contrast





And this just because.

Why stop there.







IMG_6398 face 3 - color change with extra contrast 2 final version