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I started out writing poetry when I was very young, then started painting.  I pursued poetry consistently, visual art and photography in spurts. 

Images and words have always gone together for me.  I lived with painters for many years and the world of visual art is where I felt I belonged, even though my primary form was poetry.

As I continued to write over the years, my creative process felt incomplete.  Pictures needed to become a more central part of my expression.  And if I hoped to communicate more comprehensively as a writer, I needed to practice prose.

This blog integrates these creative interests and goals, and the challenges and adventure of developing new forms and practices.  The writing is different from anything else I’ve ever done– a more “accessible” communication if you will.

My more typical comfort zone of the poetic / experimental / philosophical can be found here on my primary blog.

You can also find me on my website and instagram.

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